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About the NCJA

The National Collegiate Judo Association is dedicated to supporting collegiate Judo in the United States.  We cannot achieve the moral codes or Judo principle of mutual benefit if any member of our community is not treated with dignity and respect. Judo is a way of life. We hold ourselves and each other accountable because if one of our member groups is treated unfairly all of our groups are impacted.

The National Collegiate Judo Association is a non-profit organization dedicated to supporting collegiate judo in the United States. The NCJA is now celebrating its 57th year of service to the sport of Judo. In 1961 Yosh Uchida & Phil Porter collaborated to organize the National Collegiate Judo Association, shortly thereafter in 1962, they organized the 1st National Championships held at the Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs. One of the standouts from the 1962 Championships was Paul Maruyama who won the Gold Medal in the 165 pound division, 2 years later he represented the United States at the Olympic Games in Tokyo, Japan. Maruyama was coached on that Olympic team by the co-founder of the NCJA Yosh Uchida. Collegiate programs have always played an important role in the development of Judo players in the United States. There has been a rich history of success from athletes that were part of the National Collegiate Judo Association. Roughly half of all the Olympic Judo Coaches and half of Olympic medals that the United States has produced were by products of Judokas from Collegiate Judo programs. Our national championship tournament is recognized by USA Judo as an “E Level” event. In addition to the newly classified "E" level ranking, the 2018 championships will served as the selection site for the 2019 World University Team that will represent the US at the games in Naples, Italy.

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