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NCJA President - Dan Gomez


Message from the past President: Dr Hector R. Morales-Negron


   Welcome to the NCJA website. If you are a member of our organization, you are aware of the history of the NCJA and the opportunities that it has provided collegiate level Judo athletes over the years. I commend you for continuing to provide your athletes with the opportunity to complete at the collegiate level. If you are new to the organization or have interest in building a collegiate Judo program, I encourage you to explore the site, email for additional information, and to get involved.


   The National Collegiate Judo Association was created 57 years ago with the intent of providing opportunities for high school Judo athletes to continue their Judo development as they pursued their education. The primary purpose of the NCJA has not changed and we continue to provide these opportunities. However, our program has significantly expanded its focus. We understand that collegiate level clubs have financial challenges to compete at the national level; therefore, the organization has established a rotational approach for the National Collegiate Championships that allows athletes throughout the U.S. to compete.


   The 2018 Championships was hosted by Iowa State University, the 2019 will be hosted by the United States Military Academy, and the 2020 will be hosted by the San Jose State University. Each year, NCJA schools compete for four national titles; Men and Women’s Novice and Men and Women’s Advanced. This approach provides great opportunities for programs to develop their Judo athletes as we know that many college level Judokas received their first exposure to their programs in their campuses. For advanced athletes, placing at the NCJA Championships can be the beginning of their route to international competition and success as our top two finishers in each advanced division earn points in the USA Judo national roster as well as having opportunities to compete at the World University Games.


    Our student-athletes work hard to develop their technique and deserve the opportunity to compete at the national collegiate level. As we prepare for a new quadrennial, the new NCJA leadership is looking at several approaches to close the gap for high school Judo athletes to enter their collegiate experience without losing the opportunity to compete in the sport in which they developed and that they love. We want to create regional conferences that will feed the best competitors to the national event and will allow you to recognize the efforts of your athletes and your University to recognize the quality of your programs. As a former collegiate Judo athlete, I can testify of the value of these programs. Even when we are not currently a NCAA sport, we can all show how our programs contribute to the development of our student-athletes. As we continue to improve our services, tournaments, and membership we encourage to part of future of this organization. Your student-athletes will benefit significantly from it and your programs will have the opportunity to be part of development and improvement of collegiate Judo in the U.S.


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NCJA’s Mission


  Our mission is to provide opportunities for Judo athletes to continue their athletic participation during their collegiate developmental years. We want to be a vehicle for their athletic and physical growth that in terms reinforces the development of the whole person.


NCJA’s Purpose


    This organization is one which does not contemplate pecuniary gain or profit to its members and the purpose for which this organization is formed and its powers are:

1. To act as the representative of collegiate judo throughout its jurisdiction at the national and international level.


2. To stimulate the adoption of Judo into physical education programs where none presently exist, and, to help guide improvements for on-going programs.


3. To stimulate and support the formulation of judo teams and/or judo activity at higher educational institutions throughout its jurisdiction.


4. To sponsor, supervise, and administer national collegiate judo championships, tournaments, clinics, demonstrations and other inter-collegiate Judo activities within its jurisdiction.


5. To select competitors and officials for national collegiate teams to represent the NCJA in judo activities sponsored by organizations other than its own. To work with the National Governing Body of Judo (USA Judo) on selection procedures where required.


6. To maintain and preserve judo records regarding activities within its jurisdiction.


7. To cooperate with and communicate with all recognized state, regional, national and international judo organizations as well as organizations such as the NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, AAHPER, etc. in order to promote judo and to conduct judo tournaments at all levels within its jurisdiction.


NCJA 2013-2017 Vision


  In order to improve the status of our organization, we must complete the following tasks during the next four years:


1. Grow the organization through regional conferences.


2. Provide information to other organizations about the benefits of joining the NCJA.


3. Work with the National Governing Body and other Group A Organizations to close the gap between high school and collegiate Judo.


4. Must provide our top athletes with opportunities to train and compete at the international level in order to ensure they continue their competitive Judo development.

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